Abstract of the Population and Cattle on the island of St Helena from the year 1683 to 1733 ; extracted from the Records.

Year. Total Inhabitants. Total Cattle.
1683 490 not ascertained
1714 832   964
1716 855 1368
1717 833 1689
1719 801 1765
1720 not ascertained 1863
1721 834 1711
1722 800 1554
1724 788   727
1733 840 1654

List of the Population,[1] Cattle, Free and Lease Lands, from the year 1769 to 1812 ; extracted from the Records.

REMARKS.—The further importation of slaves was interdicted by the Court of Directors in 1792 ; and permission granted to any person to manumise, or set free, any slave or slaves, on condition that they should not become burthensome to the parish.

At that period, the number of slaves (.men, women, and children) belonging to individuals was 1292. Not having any record of the Company's slaves and free blacks, prior to 1803, I cannot give a correct view of the increase of black population since 1792. I am, however, enabled to shew, that there has been an increase since 1803. This is, in fact, the most accurate period to begin with, because, in 1802 the progress of population received a check, by a mortality of about 160, occasioned by the measles. Beginning then at 1803, the increase of black population will be seen by the following comparison.

In 1803, slaves (men, women and children) belonging to individuals   1127
  Company's slaves   81
  Free blacks   331
    Total 1539
In 1812, slaves belonging to individuals   1150
  Company's slaves   89
  Free blacks   448
    Total 1687
  Difference, or increase in nine years,   148

This is perhaps, as correct a view as can be made, in any place or island, of the change that has taken place in the number of inhabitants ; because not more than two or three instances have occurred of subtracting by desertion or removal, and none of adding, by the import of foreign blacks, within this period of nine years.

Chinese labourers were first introduced in 1810. Three years afterwards there were 270 able men. The government of the island were so well satisfied of their utility that it was resolved to augment the establishment to 400. Some account of their employments, pay, &c. is given in p. 186.

  1. The Civil and Military Establishments, and the Free Blacks, and Company's Slaves, are not included.

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