Plan de l'Isle Ste Helene, Bellin, 1764

J. N. Bellin's Petit atlas maritime. Recueil de cartes et plans des quatre parties du monde, etc. (five volumes, Paris, 1764) has two plates of St. Helena; Plan de l'Isle Ste Helene (Vol. III, plate No. 123) is a map of the island and Plan de la forteresse et bourg, de lisle de Ste Helene (Vol. III, plate No. 124) is a plan view of Jamestown and the fortifications.

Bellin's map Plan de l'Isle Ste Helene (size 260 by 215 mm; reproduced above) largely is derivative from the maps of Seller and Moll. The outline of the island essentially is that portrayed by Seller, with, for example, the very pronounced 'finger' of Pointe du Nord (Sugerlofe Point of Seller and Moll). Interior features of the island, such as Vallée de Tabac, Vallée d'Orangers, and Jardins de Limons are taken directly from Seller and Moll, as are most of the coastal names. Some corruption of place names has crept in, however, Man and Horse Point has become Pointe Manand. Bellin does add some new touches, indicating the location of the Company Gardens in the interior of the island and giving some information on the strength of fortifications; six cannon at Rupert's Fort and four cannon at what is the Northern or North Point (Sugerloaf Point) of Seller and Moll. Bellin also indicates some water depths in the Roads.

British Library shelfmark: 454.g.1-5. and G.1006-10.
Library of Congress call number: G1059 .B45 1764

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