View of James's Town: Saint Helena ..., Blake, 1830

Engraved by Finden from a drawing taken on the Saddle Ridge by E.S. Blake. 1830

View of James's Town:
St. Helena.
As it appears from the rear on the public road leading to the Briars, Longwood and Bonaparte's Tomb.
Respectfully inscribed to the Honble Court of Directors of the East India Compy by their obedient serv.

Edward S. Blake
Lieut Bombay Artillery

1     Ladder Fort Telegraph and profile of the Railway. 11   Church.
2     Commissary Quarters. 12   Prison.
3     Observatory. 13   Townhall.
4     Round Tower. 14   Churchyards.
5     Public Road. 15   Barracks.
6     Ship standing out for Europe. 16   Chinese Huts.
7     Rupert's Hill, Sampson's Battery and Path. 17   Water Course.
8     Ship rounding Banks's Battery, steering for the Harbour. 18   Redstone Quarry.
9     Road leading to Longwood &c. 19   Reservoir and Engine House.
10   Government House. 20   General Hospital.

Blake's view of Jamestown is interesting as it is quite detailed in identification of buildings:
     DETAIL of 1 (Ladder Fort Telegraph) to 5 (Public Road)
     DETAIL of 10 (Government House) to 13 (Townhall)

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