Insula D. Helenę ..., De Bry, 1601

Linschoten's voyages (translated from the Dutch Itinerario) are related in Parts II and III of India Orientalis ..., published in Frankfurt by De Bry in thirteen parts between 1597 and 1633 as editions with Latin and German text. Accompanying the description of St. Helena, Part III (German text editions in 1599 and 1616; Latin text editions in 1601 and 1629) contains a plate titled Insula D. Helenę ... (size 280 × 205 mm) reproduced above. This plate shows a view of the northwest side of St. Helena and was directly copied from the Itinerario plate of the same title. The De Bry plate is smaller than the plate in the Itinerario but is equally detailed, with a single large strapwork title with text in Latin and German and a single shield. The same plate is also in Part IX of India Orientalis, published as Latin and German text editions in 1612.

British Library shelfmark: G.6607.(3.) and 10003.e.10. [Part III, 1599 German edition]
Library of Congress call number: G159 .B6 pt. 3 [Part III, 1599 German edition]

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