Plan de L'Ile de L'Ascension, Duperrey, 1827

Duperrey visited Ascension in January 1825, toward the end of the 1822-25 circumnavigation of the frigate La Coquille. The coast of Ascension was surveyed in some detail; numerous depth soundings were taken along the western coast, particularly in Sandy Bay (the present Clarence Bay). The other coastal features identified are English Bay, North Point (Pte. Sabine), Boatswain Bird Island (I. aux Frégates), East Point (Pte. E.), Cocoanut Bay (Baie Francaise), South Point (Pte. S.), and Pratt Point (Pte. O.).

Details of the interior of the island are very sketchy: The only named features are Cross Mountain (Montagne de la Croix), the road to Green Mountain (Chemin de la Montagne Verte), the house (Maison) and garden (Grand Jardin) on Green Mountain, the Middleton's (Source de Middleton), Dampier's (Source de Dampier), and Breakneck (Source du Casse col) springs, and Cricket Valley (Creeket Valley).

This chart (engraved by Ambroise Tardieu) is Plate 39 in the Hydrographie atlas of Duperrey's "Voyage Autour du Monde, ..." (ten parts and four atlas volumes) published in Paris between 1826 and 1830. The Hydrographie atlas also a detailed chart (Plate 40) of Sandy Bay “Plan Du Mouillage De Sandy-Bay (Ile De L'Ascension.)".

British Library shelfmark: 789.i.5-7. [Atlas volumes]
Library of Congress call number: Q115 .D93 [Voyage Autour du Monde]

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