Isle d'Ascencion, Mallet, 1719

Alain Manesson Mallet's Description de l'Univers, contenant les differentes systèmes du monde, les cartes ... de la géographie ancienne et moderne ... et les mœurs ... de chaque nation (five volumes; Paris, 1683) has, in volume three, a reproduction of the Linschoten view of Ascension. The plate is titled Isle d'Ascension (page 141 with heading De L'Afrique Figure LIV; 105 by 148 mm).

Subsequent editions of Mallet were published in Frankfurt as Description de l'Univers ... in 1686 (with text in French but plate headings in German) and as Beschrebung des Gantzen Welt ... in 1719 (with text and plate headings in German). In these editions, the Isle d'Ascension plate (reproduced above from the 1719 edition) faces page 79 with the heading die insul der Erhohung Fig: LIV.

British Library shelfmark: 568.d.2-6. and 1295.f.1-5. [1683 edition]
Library of Congress call number: G1015 .M33 1683 [1683 edition]

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