Sancta Helena, Langenes, 1599

A second edition of Langenes' Caert-Thresoor was published in Amsterdam in 1599. The British Library copy of this edition has the same St. Helena plate as in the first edition. Other copies of the second edition, however, have a different St. Helena plate. The original plate probably was damaged during printing of the second edition and a new plate was engraved. The new Sancta Helena plate (size 122 by 89 mm; reproduced above) was engraved by Benjamin Wright and is substantially different to the original plate in that the ocean does not have the moiré pattern. The details of the original Keere plate otherwise were exactly copied by Wright.

British Library shelfmark: Not in the catalogue
Library of Congress call number: G120 .L3

Last updated: 19 December, 2011

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